Information Disclosure in Healthcare

I evaluated the impact of Sunshine Act, which was enacted in 2013 and required pharmaceutical companies to report payments to physicians. My current focus is on the impact of information disclosure on payments by Big Pharma and physician's prescribing behaviors.

  • An Investigation of Marketing Compensation in Medicine: The Impact of the Information Disclosure Regulations. To be presented on Jan. 2023 at HICSS

  • Case Study — Examining Open Payments Causal Impact on Companies Payments to Physicians, invited talk at Transparency, Aggregate Spend & HCP Engagement Event, McLean, VA, August, 2022

Online User-Generated Content

I studied the mechanism under which online product reviews created by different online identities and hosted by different platform collectively influence online customer decisions, using Amazon and CNET product review and product popularity data.

Gender stereotypes on the Internet

I studied people's different reactions to angry and anxious women than to men with the same emotion in online review community.

  • Discrete emotions effects on electronic word-of-mouth helpfulness: The moderating role of reviewer gender and contextual emotional tone. Decision Support Systems, 2020, 130, (IF 5.795) Download PDF

  • Can You Trust Mad Women? Invited talk at Computational Social Science Seminar at Facebook, Inc., CA, May, 2019

Online Review Manipulations

I studied the impact of online fake product reviews on product sales and deepened the understanding of malicious attack behaviors by proposing a novel iterative review attack strategy.

Appointment Scheduling Optimization

I proposed an innovative appointment strategy by jointly optimizing appointment window and reminder sending time, to in presence of appointment no-shows.

E-commerce Long Tail

I studied the long tail phenomena in e-commerce, and identified that the abundance product variety and online user reviews interact to contribute to this emerging pattern in customer preference.